We at Ortiz G Remodeling have been creating outdoor living spaces for our patrons in Austin, Texas, over the years. We rely on premium materials and equipment for building quality decks for your patios and porches.

Decks as home additions can serve a host of purposes. You can snuggle up with a good book in tow, or arrange outdoor cookout sessions with loved ones, or devour scrumptious breakfast with scenic views, at your custom-made deck. Decks make entertaining simple and fun too.

Sadly, outdoor spaces remain exposed to natural elements, implying they are prone to damage due to strong winds or rain or snow. Luckily, you can avail our professional deck construction and repair services.

All our projects are executed after detailed discussions about your needs, personal tastes, and financial plans. Contemporary deck building involves intricacies, requiring efficient materials. However, our deck services team is fully equipped in executing the deck projects to perfection.

As a full- service designer and builder of decks, we add decks to your home for beautifying your outdoor spaces. Only contact us if you’re looking to build an outdoor deck. Our deck services team at Austin, TX, are committed to quality work while paying close attention to detail.

Here are some common signs of deck damage:

  • Wood starts cracking, loosening or rotting
  • Boards become bendable
  • Handrails become wobbly
  • Infestation of vermin or rodents
  • Support rails or concrete posts become weak
  • Erosion and drainage issues

Building Decks that last

Our competent Deck Services team at Austin can fix all your deck problems. After you call us, our team arrives at your home to assess the damage. Next, they provide a detailed plan about the repair works. If you have any plans in mind, they will work around those to have your new deck design ready, so you can get back to enjoying spending time at your home outdoors.

As part of our deck repair services, we undertake the following works:

  • Rail or board or stair replacements
  • Address draining and grading troubles
  • Footing setups
  • Window repair

When to opt for a New Deck?

Sometimes, your decks are beyond repairs – particularly, when concerned with structural issues. Then, that calls for constructing a new deck.

And, at times, if you go ahead with repairs, then the likelihood of the problems recurring before long is not to be ruled out. In turn, you will be burdened with more expenses. So, to save on rising future repair costs, you must opt for new deck designs.

Our skilled craftsmen will discuss the deck problems and give the best recommendation – whether repairs or replacements are the better option.

Now, whether you avail our deck repair or deck replacement services, harbor no doubts about the materials and equipment we use. Be assured that we design durable, efficient decks – so, you and your family get the desired, deserved comfort.

Why have a deck?

When you decide to build a deck for your home, you can enjoy the related benefits, as seen below:

  • Greater home values
  • More living space
  • Better outdoor experience

Start working on your deck project now with our home care specialists. Get a free estimate and discuss your options.