Stone Repair

Do your countertops and floors bear an unsightly look due to watermarks, among other reasons? And are you looking to avail stone repair services around Austin in Texas? If yes, only call upon Ortiz G Remodeling for any of your stone repair needs. We undertake remodeling works for both residential and commercial projects around Austin, Texas.

We are equipped with a range of tools to undertake stone polishing, honing, and repair jobs for private and office spaces.

More so, as part of our stone repair services in Austin, we offer a variety of colors and textures in stones to take your pick from. In turn, your personal or official spaces get a spruced-up look while lending an individualized touch to your fittings.

Our Residential and Commercial Stone Repair Services include:

  • Polishing Services

For our polishing services, we apply polishing powders and diamond pads to get natural stone back to its original finish.

  • Honed Finish

To add a natural finish to your interiors, you can opt for a honed finish that has a soft feel. Plus, we can apply penetrating sealers for reflecting the color of the stones further. With a honed finish, the spots that normally develop over time do not become visible.

  • Flooring Services

If your floors need stone repairs, we offer a range of finishes to reinstate their original condition.

  • Sealing

Depending upon the stone and the client requirements, you can avail a variety of sealers; they help to prevent stains and etches.

Other stone repair services that we offer:

  • Cleaning
  • Repairs & Replacement
  • Stain Removal
  • Restoration works

Stone repair services

If you want to avail our stone repair services in Austin, Texas, our technicians will conduct an inspection as the first step. Beforehand, we draft an estimate after analyzing and determining the type of stone that requires repairs.

Next, we check for water infiltration by assessing damaged mortar joints, mislaid mortar joints, or hard mortar joints. If the mortar is hard, the face of the water delaminates and allows water to penetrate at the back of the stone. Stones tend to spall when they expand or contract, owing to changes in temperatures and missing control joints.

Though stones are repairable, yet they may need replacement if the damage is extensive. Several stone restoration projects are a mix of repairs and replacements.

For our stone repair services, we send samples of stones that need repairing to our laboratory for conducting an analysis of the type of stone and color match.

Subsequently, we receive a sample mortar that we mount on the stone to be repaired for curing the patch. Upon finding a repair mortar that is a match for the stone to be repaired, the patching material is delivered to us.

However, we will discuss the costs of both repairs and replacements before going ahead. If you have a budget in mind, only talk to our staff members for them to come up with a financial plan that suits you. More importantly, be assured about the quality of our services, for we boast of a long list of satisfied clientele.