Wood Fences

At Ortiz G Remodeling, we have been servicing the fencing needs of the residential and commercial properties of our clients – and handsomely – for several years now. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we guarantee the best in customer service while delivering within the given deadlines.

As part of our remodeling contractor business, we build robust wood fences for our patrons in Austin, Texas, and surrounding regions. Our wood fences services include designing wood-based fences for residential and commercial spaces.

Now, if you’re a fan of the classic look of wood fences, you can select among a wide assortment of styles and finishes – the ones that cater to your needs suitably. Whether looking to build wood fences for your homes or offices, we are here for you.

You can call upon our wood fences services in Austin, TX, for building picket or private fences around your yard. By installing picket or private fences, you can make the yard safe for children to play and roam about securely.

Picket fences not only add a conventional look to your homes but also offer security. More so, they extend protection against rough winds and traffic noise.

And, with sturdy private fences, you can enhance the privacy of your yard.

Several homeowners also go with a kind of post and rail fence – for covering a larger area that is. Such styles give a pastoral and open feel to yards and fields.

You can choose to stay with the natural wood color, or stain or paint the wood fences for matching the theme of your property.

If you’re looking for the best solution for your fencing needs, remember we are only a phone call away.

Commercial Wood Fences

Wood fences are versatile, due to which they are not only used in residential applications but commercial ones too. In addition to imparting privacy benefits, wood fences are appreciated by property developers for their aesthetic value as well.

Rail fences can cover large business areas while giving a raw touch. And, with picket fences, you can add a customary feel to a shopping arcade or restaurant.

Also, private fences safeguard against rough weather conditions and are handy while offering a screen for serviceable necessities like dumpsters.

Along with our wood fences services in Austin, we also offer an array of related accessories that are in line with their tastes and requirements. Only discuss your needs with our experts and allow them to come up with a viable plan – that is well within your budgetary constraints too.

Agricultural Wood Fence

Owing to the natural feel of wood fences, they make for a suitable choice in agricultural fields as well. Wood also blends well with the surroundings, which makes them appealing to the eye.

In farms and ranches, the rail and post fences are a popular option since they use less wood as compared to other fence styles. They can cover vast expanses of land and that too, at economical costs. Besides, they help to keep your livestock safe. For extra safety, you can also opt to add meshes at the rear of post and rail fences to steer away stray animals from your farm animals.